Today's Wine Cellars

Before you start building a wine cellar , first consider the space you have to work with the size and weight of the unit and make sure to add the additional weight for the wine, which averages about 3 pounds per bottle. When building a new home the best time to think or install a wine cellar would be when the home is being built, make sure the specs include such things as a cooling system, shelving, and storage, if you live in an existing house and you are thinking about building a wine cellar, you need to find a space that will fit and make sure you plan it out well.  

Cellar With Wine Bottles

The degree and the speed of the temperature change are critical to successfully storing and aging wine. Expertise lies in getting the temperature just right, the temperature is at the top of the list for the reason that it is the single most important factor to consider when planning or installing your own wine cellar.

You will also need wine racks, and the best choice will be modular wine racks. Modular wine racks are a great investment because they can be modified to fit anywhere plus they are not expensive and they come in many different finishes and grains.

 There are some decorative racks available in a number of different styles, ranging from metal racks to wrought iron racks. There are many different types of wine cellar racks to install in your wine cellar, the types are wooden, metal and they’re many others. It is extremely essential to carefully store the wine bottles in the cellars and wine racks seem to be the only possible solution to this need. Having a system that can cool wine is very important especially in a wine cellar if you don't have a wine cooling system the wine cellar is not worth the bottles in the cellar, the cellar needs to be cool to operate correctly.


Close-up Photo of Brown Wine Rack

 Wine coolers can be either free-standing, built-in with the wine cellar or can be hidden under the counter. To keep the correct temperature in your wine cellar you need to invest in a good cooling system, the cooling system will maintain the temperature and humidity and keep the wine tasting perfectly. The coolers vary in size, some having the capacity to hold two to four bottles, while others have larger capacities of up to 50 bottles.  

 Wine cellars and racks for the home allow the individual wine lover to convert any space in their home into an instant cellar in a matter of moments. There are many different kinds of wine cellars; there are case storages, triangular shelves, curved corners, half weights, and many others.   The advantage of having a wine cellar is that you don't have to go out and get a bottle of wine every time you are ready to sit down and eat or want to enjoy a glass. Some of the popular wine cellar accessories are metal racking, kneeling butlers, wine chillers, wine coolers, decorative bottle corkers, corkscrews, wine tags, bottle openers, and wine markers.  

The great thing about wine cellars is that you can sit back and enjoy a bottle of wine that you chose from your wine cellar. Bottles should be stored on their side so that the cork remains moist and they should also not be exposed to vibration or temperature change.

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